From American Songwriter

"Kent Eugene Goolsby draws his inspiration from musical and literary heavyweights like Bruce Springsteen and Cormac McCarthy, as well as the newly minted Nobel Prize honoree Bob Dylan. It’s not surprising, then, that the Nashville songwriter doesn’t shy away from heavy themes in his music." (CLICK HERE FOR STORY)


From CMT Edge

"Goolsby hits the mark on “Hitched” with catchy turns-of-phrase backed up with tender evidence of true love. When he first played the song for his fiancée, he knew it was a standout. Shooting on the same grounds Miranda Lambert used for her “White Liar” video, Goolsby took a minimalistic approach to filming his new video for "Hitched" (CLICK HERE FOR STORY)


From Paste Magazine -

"With lines such as "Like a weathered headstone - you've had your last say", Kent Eugene Goolsby, in his own words, says that "this is a song about goodbyes and forgiveness." (CLICK HERE FOR STORY) 


From The Bluegrass Situation

"‘Throwin’ Stones’ is a song about the damage words can do and the actions we take to try and repair the hurt. Sometimes you need a bit of nostalgia to see the present for the blessing it is.” (CLICK HERE FOR STORY)


From Nashville Scene

"While a whole lot of new concerns just reared their ugly heads, the things that were on your mind yesterday haven't gone anywhere. The record is about Goolsby making the commitment to music as part of his grown-up life — he's been at it for over a decade, a point at which many folks who haven't achieved some form of mainstream success are ready to give it up. It'll take guts, but he's going to stick with it." (CLICK HERE FOR STORY)